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    Business trolley    /     Zipper luggage    /     Aluminum frameluggage    /     Kid luggage    /     Cosmetic case    /    
    We engaged in trolley cases from 2007 and set up Dilly Luggage Co.,Ltd. in 2010.
    We are specialized in the field of hard trolley cases,including PC+ABS trolley case,100% ABS trolley case and 100% PC trolley case. Our customers are mainly from European countries, USA, Canada,  Australia, Brazil,Mexico,Japan,Korea and Southeast Asia and so on.
    Our customers include some famous supermarkets and chain stores......
    Jinhua Dilly Luggage Co.,Ltd

    Add:Room 104, building 3, cainiao jinhua e-commerce industrial park, 

    no. 1, guangqu road, xiaoshun town, jindong district, jinhua city

    Add:#5 Weisi Rd Ditian Industrial Park,Jinhua,Zhejiang,China
    Tel:+86 579 8296 4559
    Fax:+86 579 8296 4557
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